Performing Arts Program

Let's Make Education an Experience.

At Philomath, this is exactly what we strive for. Students from grades 6-12 are offered courses in General Music, Concert Band, Choir, Theater, and Jazz Band. Each course offers specialized lessons in the technical and artistic aspects of performance, as well as leadership, teamwork, discipline, and responsibility. Our reach extends beyond the classroom, taking performance groups around the state and nation for conferences, competitions, and concert tours.
Our biggest impact, however, is closer to home.  Students who join performing arts find a family, a support group, and a place to grow and thrive during the school day. Performance becomes their favorite sport, and the memories formed will stay with them long after they move on.

Growing a Program

Creating this authentic experience isn't free. Most Performing Arts budgets trickle down from state funding, and when districts need to save money, these experience-based courses are often the first on the cut list. This is where you come in! Now through Philomath Performing Arts Department, you can directly impact and support students right now. By donating, sponsoring, or simply sharing your story, you'll support the health and growth of the program. Let's go further to reach our students!

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